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Everything You Should Know About Jewelry Cleaning & Maintenance

Jewelry is created, in most cases, to be both beautiful and durable. Personalized jewelry, like a custom necklace or a custom bracelet, may have some facets or corners that could gather dust from everyday wear, or have their shine dulled a little by natural body oils. That’s why it’s important to have a regular cleaning schedule for custom jewelry – committing to bringing your piece in for cleaning at regular intervals will help it stay gorgeous, year after year.

Did you know there are also a few things you can do to keep “mileage” off of your favorite custom jewelry in-between cleaning appointments, too? Here are a few rules to keep your favorite belongings looking picture-perfect:

• Don’t wash your dishes while wearing anything that will be immersed, such as custom rings.

• Remove hand and wrist jewelry prior to applying hand lotions, and allow lotion to “soak in” before putting them back on.

• Take your jewelry off prior to bathing. (Important tip: make a habit of doing this in the bedroom, not by your bathroom sink, to avoid the potential ring-down-the-drain headache.)

• Don’t let a broken fastener or bent link go unfixed: you might intend to do it later, but the jewelry could break and become lost before you do.

At Gold N’ I, we know how precious your jewelry is to you – memories, wishes, and love are often as much a part of your custom jewelry as precious metals or precious gems. Take care of your favorite pieces and they’ll take care of your style in return!



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