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What Is a Jewelry Appraisal?

An appraisal is simply an assessment of the value of your jewelry. This service is usually provided by professional appraisers, who issue a document certifying what the piece is worth and detailing how its value was established.

How the Value of Your Diamond Ring or jewelry Is Appraised:

A diamond ring usually consists of one or more diamonds and a body of metal.We will establish the value of each of these elements separately.

When and Why Should You Have Your Diamond Ring Appraised?

Having your diamond ring, Jewelry, and Estate pieces appraised is very important for insuring or selling the piece(s). If you want to have your jewelry insured, the insurer will usually require an official appraisal by a professional like us.

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Appraisal Process

Our standards are set high so any piece leaves our store has to be given our 100%. We are artists who have a business to make people happy, not salespeople who only want the sale for a short term gain.







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Step 1

After being greeted with a lovely smile , we will clean your piece of jewelry to make sure it is at its best condition for grading.

Step 2

After cleaning the piece(s), I will evaluate the quality, size , and cut of the stones and estimate how much they are worth with the current market value. It is important to me that i educate you with the grading criteria for diamonds and or colored gemstones, so that you will have a basic idea of how the quality of a gemstone relates to value. I will also look at what metals the ring is made with and how pure they are, and will come up with a value based on this information.

This is all done while you wait and watch. Your jewelry doesn’t leave your site.

Step 3

You will fill out a quick appraisal form with your name, address and phone number and indicate the intended use of the appraisal. An appraisal documenting the value of the piece will give you some idea of how much it is worth either for replacement value or retail value.
In case you want to sell your diamond ring, you can have it appraised before you offer it to prospective buyers.
In addition, such a document will provide you with an additional argument supporting the price you are asking, as long as it is reasonable.
Although you shouldn’t expect to sell your diamond ring for its appraised value (since used jewelry sells at a discount and everyone has their own retail markup), the appraisal can at least help you negotiate a better price.



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