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custom Jewelry Woodland Hills

custom Jewelry Woodland Hills

5 Practical Tips To Help You Choose The Right Custom Jewelry In Woodland Hills

For an inexperienced person, knowing the right jewelry to buy can be something of a challenge. There are so many options from which to pick and each of them carries several zeroes on the price tag so you can't afford to make an error. Below are some very practical tips can help you choose just the right jewelry in Woodland Hills for the right price;

1) Don't be swayed by prestigious names or brand:

It sounds sweet when we say to our friends that we are wearing jewelry from some of the biggest names like Cartier and Tiffany. For us, that improves our class and makes us seem more fashionable. But what many people do not know is, these top brands spend a lot of time, money and effort to build a reputation for quality. These tops jewelers don't just sell jewelry, they sell their names. So you may end up paying as much as 70% more on a piece of jewelry in Woodland Hills just because it has a Cartier label on it.

Instead, you can search for reputable local stores and make your purchases from them. Chances are you will find jewelry of similar or equal quality with that in top stores but at a reduced price.

2) Give silver a chance:

Many people tend to lean toward gold when buying jewelry. But gold in its purest form can be quite expensive. An equally good and more affordable alternative is silver. Although you have to make sure that when shopping you look for jewelry marked Sterling Silver. Sterling Silver is made of 92.5% silver.

3) Step down on the gold quality:

If you have no love for silver and by all means need custom gold jewelry in Woodland Hills, then you should consider a lesser karat quality. Gold is measured in karat; 24k is 100% gold, 18k is 75% gold, 14k is 58.5% gold while 9k is 37.5% gold. A good balance between price and color is 18k. But when shopping for gold ensure the jewelry has a tag showing the karat weight and the manufacturer. Be mindful of where you do your shopping, don't buy gold from the trunk of a guy's car or at a swap meet. Instead, shop at a reputable jewelry store.

4) Give pearls a try:

Pearls are another affordable and classy alternative to gold and silver custom jewelry in Woodland Hills. They basically come in three forms; natural, imitation and cultured. The natural has gone out of style and is somewhat hard to find. Imitation pearls are better for costuming. Cultured pearls are the best that you can spend your money on. When shopping, look for cultured pearls with shiny surfaces and clear depth.

5) You may try precious stones:

And if gold, silver, or pearls do not catch your fancy, then you can give precious stones a try. The only challenge here will be finding the right one. Just like pearls, gemstones are available in three categories; natural, synthetic and imitation. Never go for imitation, never! They are colored plastics.

Natural and synthetic are almost alike, the only real difference is that natural is gotten from the earth while synthetic is grown in the lab, but both pass through the same process.

custom Jewelry Woodland Hills
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custom Jewelry Woodland Hills custom Jewelry Woodland Hills custom Jewelry Woodland Hills
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