What You Need to Know Before Proposing Over the Holidays

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Are you ready to make the holidays even more memorable by popping the big question? While you’re trimming the tree, singing some carols and shopping for a custom engagement ring in Los Angeles, there are a few helpful hints to keep in mind to ensure your proposal goes smoothly. Here’s what you need to know before getting down on one knee and producing the sparkling diamond engagement ring that will quickly become one of your partner’s most treasured possessions:

1.) Give them an excuse to look their best.

Tell a little white lie about getting some holiday pictures taken or going out to a fancy restaurant as an excuse for dressing up beforehand. While your loving partner would surely be just as happy to accept your ring with bedhead hair and Christmas PJs on, they’ll appreciate your forethought if anyone’s snapping pictures of the big moment.

2.) Keep your audience in mind.

It’s natural to want to make a big to-do about your big moment, but if there are recently divorced or separated family members in attendance, it could be pouring some festive holiday salt in a new wound. If she has a close friend or family member that could feel heartbroken, wait until you two are alone to ask and make a low-key announcement later. Your partner will love that you’re considering her friends and family’s feelings.

3.) Make it special.

Naturally, your big moment will be a memorable moment, but getting a custom jewelry in Los Angeles will make it even more special. Get a free custom engagement ring quote from Gold ‘N I to tell your love story in beautiful precious metals, sparkling diamonds, and a custom jewelry design that will make her heart skip a beat.

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Idea: Custom Jewelry for your Loved One

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Your loved one means the world to you, so naturally you want to get them a very special holiday gift. One that’s meaningful, beautiful, and will always remind them of the bond you share. Tech toys and fads fade, but personalized jewelry is the one gift that will always be in style. From custom rings and necklaces to personalized bracelets, there are several ways you can transform an already-lovely piece of jewelry into a gift that represents your lucky recipient and speaks to their heart.

1.) Fully Custom Jewelry

Rather than using a base design that’s already been created, truly custom jewelry typically involves a conversation and rounds of updates and approvals to combine your vision and the jeweler’s skills. If you’d like to order some highly fashionable custom jewelry Los Angeles residents would be envious of, you should brainstorm, sketch, and research before ordering your piece, or ask the jeweler’s opinion. Variables like precious metal, gems, sizing and stone cuts are all options to bear in mind when creating your custom jewelry order.

2.) Engraved Custom Jewelry

Any piece of jewelry can be made even more special by adding the wearer’s initials, a special message of love, or even a special date like a wedding or the birth of a child. Typically engraved on the back or inside of a jewelry piece, consider adding decorative engraving on the outside for an even more personalized touch. Bear in mind that there may be character count restrictions on what you can engrave, and keep your message short and sweet.

3.) Selecting a Designer Piece Variation

Some beautiful designer jewelry offers the option of a personalized variation, such as the addition of a birthstone, or the use of a certain precious metal like rose gold, rather than traditional 14 karat gold or sterling silver. This option allows for partial customization to delight your loved one.
No matter which you choose, your personalized jewelry selection is sure to be the hit of the holidays. Your thoughtful shopping will all pay off when you see their smile light up the room, brighter than a Christmas tree. Start your journey towards the perfect gift by requesting a free quote for custom jewelry from Los Angeles jeweler Gold ‘N I today.