The Advantage of Custom Designing an Engagement Ring

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Your engagement ring is a symbol of your commitment to each other, but it’s also a beautiful piece of jewelry, one you’ll wear for years to come. It should be more than just metal and precious stones—it should be a part of your love story, as unique as you are. Finding the right engagement ring isn’t always easy, which is why we always recommend you custom design one!

Why should you design your own engagement ring?

• It’s uniquely yours. When people see the unique style, shape, or design of your custom engagement ring, they’ll immediately want to know more. The ring can be a story starter that will open the door for you to share your unique love story, meet-cute, or “how we met” story.

• It will reflect your unique partnership. Your ring is designed with a specific theme or message in mind. It gives you a chance to explain to people why you chose the stones, metals, designs, etchings, and other features you did. Your interests and values can be reflected in your custom engagement ring.

• It will showcase who you are, not only as a couple, but as an individual. Whether you’re a pair of fantasy and science fiction lovers, high-powered executives, or pet owners, your custom engagement ring can be the perfect showcase to display “YOU” to the world. It will be created according to everything that makes you who you are, and it will show off your personalities and characters.

• It will guarantee high quality. When you buy stock engagement rings, you’re putting your trust in a jeweler sight unseen. But when you shop for custom engagement rings, you can select the jeweler to do the work for you. You’ll always be sure you made the right choice because you took the time to find the right jeweler.

• It will give you more control. Instead of walking into a store and choosing from a display, you have the option to sit down and design your own wedding ring. You’ll play a role in the entire process from start to finish. For those who want something special and specific, it’s the best way to go!

Considering the advantages of a custom engagement ring, you can see that it’s definitely worth the investment to tell YOUR love story in a unique, creative way!

Award Winning Jeweler, Gold ‘N I Launches New Website

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Since 1984, Gold ‘N I has strived to live up to its mission: to provide the finest quality jewelry and offer customers world-class service. With everything from gold buying to jewelry repair to custom engagement rings, Gold ‘N I is proud to offer service to the San Fernando Valley and the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Gold ‘N I is a fully family-owned and operated business, with father and son working tirelessly to provide quality service at a quality price. But Harry and his father go beyond learning the latest in the jewelry industry and offering cutting edge technology; they offer a service that customers can trust.

From the moment visitors walk in until the moment they leave, the team of Gold ‘N I jewelers are committed to doing everything necessary to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. This has led Gold ‘N I to becoming one of the most trusted jewelers in the San Fernando Valley, earnings awards like Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2016 and Thumbtack Top Pro in 2015, 2016 & 2017. The Top Pro distinction is reserved for a very small fraction of Thumbtack’s most dedicated and highly-rated professionals—in fact, less than 4% of Thumbtack pros currently qualify.

Gold ‘N I specializes in custom jewelry design, giving customers a chance to create their own unique piece of beauty. Our jewelers and design experts work with clients to hand-craft exquisite, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, bringing them into the creation process and allowing them to take control over their jewelry.

However, we also offer a broad range of services, including:
• Jewelry repair
• Watch repair and restoration
• Cash for jewelry
• Cash for gold and silver
• Cash for coins
• Cash for luxury watches
• Jewelry, metal, and precious stone

Customers have posted overwhelmingly positive testimonials on the quality of service offered by the professional, attentive staff at Gold ‘N I:

• Absolutely amazing work and customer service! Harry worked round the clock to get my ring sized perfectly and shipped to me and was kind and caring through the whole process. – Lily S.

• Excellent customer service, and the final product was immaculate. I definitely recommend using Gold ‘N I, and I’ll definitely come back in the future. – Paul B.

• My mother needed to sell gold and we wanted to shine up one ring and resize/shine up another. The results were absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Harry helped us with so much kindness, knowledge, and amazing customer service. Gave new life to our rings and gained two more customers for life. – Jodi.

If you’re looking for custom jewelry, visit our new Gold ‘N I website ( and find out what we can do for you. Or, visit our showroom at 19956 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills and put our high quality customer service to the test!